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Breathwork Healing Circle

Sunday December 16th // 4:-5:30pm // Ticket price: $25

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What’s a breathwork healing circle?

Breathwork Healing is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows for deep self-exploration, transformation and healing at all levels of self. In this intimate circle you will experience the power of your breath in a new way.

This practice is an active meditation, using a 2-part circular breath that connects you to your highest self by clearing out negative emotional patterns and their physical imprints in the body. It is a self-healing practice that facilitates release of trapped negative emotional energy through the breath. 

The session will begin by connecting the group and tapping into our collective energy. Breathwork in a safe, loving setting is an extremely potent experience. I will guide the group through the journey with love and intention, and great tunes. Various tools will be used throughout the session to aid in the experience. The group closes by relaxing and sharing. 

No experience necessary. 

This is a very intimate and vulnerable session and because of that I am only opening space for 15. If you are ready to experience the power of your breath to heal you on a deep level then I would be honored to guide you on this journey of self-exploration and emotional release.

**Bring a yoga mat, blanket, eye mask & water bottle**


When we breathe consciously and with purpose, our energy starts to move. It flows to the places it is needed the most. Our minds quiet down and we become fully present in our bodies. Space is created between our minds and bodies, allowing us to connect to something bigger and experience a sense of peace, joy and pure being. It is an experience that feels like returning home.

Read more about the benefits of Breathwork Healing here: https://samkalawart.com/breathwork/