CBD Class Offerings


We are SO excited to grow our CBD class offerings. Each month we will offer four classes ranging from a free and informational yoga class to a deep energy and breathwork class all incorporating CBD. See what we have each week of the month and be sure to snag your spot while you can! These classes are on the schedule by popular demand (and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that!).


CBD + Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the Senses and Deep Rest)

Coming Again Soon!

This class will focus on the concept of pratyahara or the withdrawal of the senses. This is a way to be in the world but not of it—or to view the world by taking a step back and away. By learning to see where the mind takes us and by learning how to withdrawal the senses from the thoughts or experience we can truly observe our world. This is a practice in mindfulness and often is useful for reducing stress and anxiety and moving the body into a restful state.

FREE CBD Yoga Class—Intro to CBD + Yoga

Sunday, June 2nd // 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Free class but you MUST pre-register.

Join us for an Informative Restorative Yoga class lead by Lisa Jo Northouse and incorporating the use of Blue Ridge Hemp’s all natural, THC-free, CBD infused products - let hemp help you. This class is offered monthly and is a great way to become acquainted with CBD and Yoga—they are a match made in heaven.

CBD + Pranayama (Breath Practice)

Coming Again Soon!

What is pranayama? It translates to our energetic life force and in yoga we generally think of it as breath because we use our breath to move through each pose and to focus the mind. In this class there will be a strong focus on reconnecting with our prana or life force through breath and energy work. Depending on the theme of the month we will shift the class to be fitting but generally, this will be a restorative style class.

CBD + Asana (Flow and Movement Practice)

Coming Again Soon!

Asana refers to the pose. Each Asana in yoga is linked to breath. Moving into this class which focuses on the asana, the posture, and the movement—we can pinpoint areas of stress, pain, and areas in need of release. This class dives deeper into the yoga practice and physical movement while using CBD. Every month we vary this class based on the theme of the month and find new ways to work CBD into your yoga practice!


Please feel free to bring any of your favorite CBD products. Depending on the class we will offer an appropriate CBD product—topical, beverage, or otherwise and that is included in the ticket price.

Classes (unless otherwise noted) are $20 for non-members and $10 for members (sign-up in-person only). If there is anything special you need for the class, you will receive an email upon registration with additional details.


General Information on CBD


In the last couple of years CBD has been gaining popularity as an alternative way to deal with many common issues people regularly deal with. Stress anxiety, muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, blood pressure issues, neurological issues, and the list goes on. Curious about this "CBD" and what it actually could, we went in search of some for on our own. Sadly, it was very hard to come by in the local Grand Rapids area, or the products we could find were nothing to write home about. Then we found Blue Ridge Hemp. BRH grows industrial hemp and create incredible CBD infused products for a wide array or issues and uses. From creating edible CBD infusions to luxurious CBD body oil massages--this company won us over. Come join us for a totally complimentary 60-minute slow flow yoga class where we will incorporate three different products from Blue Ridge that are infused with CBD. Please sign-up--even though this is a free event the space is very limited.


Learn more about CBD! Check out the sources below: