Lotus Jo's Yoga

No mud no lotus.

CBD Yoga


Please join us at Lotus Jo’s Yoga Studio for a complementary Restorative Yoga class lead by Lisa Jo Schueller incorporating the use of Blue Ridge Hemp’s all natural, THC-free, CBD infused products and let hemp help you.


In the last couple of years CBD has been gaining popularity as an alternative way to deal with many common issues people regularly deal with. Stress anxiety, muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, blood pressure issues, neurological issues, and the list goes on. Curious about this "CBD" and what it actually could, we went in search of some for on our own. Sadly, it was very hard to come by in the local Grand Rapids area, or the products we could find were nothing to write home about. Then we found Blue Ridge Hemp. BRH grows industrial hemp and create incredible CBD infused products for a wide array or issues and uses. From creating edible CBD infusions to luxurious CBD body oil massages--this company won us over. Come join us for a totally complimentary 60-minute slow flow yoga class where we will incorporate three different products from Blue Ridge that are infused with CBD. Please sign-up--even though this is a free event the space is very limited.


Learn more about CBD! Check out the sources below: