Full Moon Women’s Circles


What is a Full Moon Women’s Circle?

The full moon retreat happens on the Saturday closest to the full moon each month. During this time, the full moon brings heightened energy and by gathering together we tap into that energy to renew ourselves. We invite you to gather at Lotus Jo’s Yoga Studio and stay the night. Yes! Like a good old-fashioned slumber party except as grown-ups, the focus is on getting rest and leaving refreshed.

Each month the moon has a name and that is the theme for the month. Depending on the month, we will alter our activities but they will always be focused on letting go, cleansing energy, and renewing energy. 

A detailed description will be offered each month as to the theme and meaning, as well as an itinerary. The basic structure will always be the same. Arrival time of 7:30pm, settling in. Circle to introduce and to talk about the theme and answer questions. Then there will be a guided meditation, flow, activity, followed by alone time. During the time alone, you are invited to write something down to let go of and we will put that paper in the fire, and also to set an intention for when you light a candle-hope for what is to come. We then cleanse the space and close for the night. Always light snacks, tea, etc. provided.