Full Moon Women’s Circles

February 16th // 7:30pm // $30

March 16th, 2019 // 7:30pm // $30


Join our monthly Women’s circles to tap into the power of the moon, release your negative energy, and soak in the full moon’s heightened energy. Working with other women to set intentions, cleanse, meditate, and to create a unique bond in which you become closer to the earth and heavens in community.


February—Full Snow Moon Circle


February 16th// 7:30pm // $30


Generally in February most of us in this region are itching for warmer weather and are over the snow. We will focus on the energy of the snow moon, what we have moved beyond, and what is yet to come. Harnessing this energy of the full moon to energize us as we move into the end of winter and toward fresh beginnings.

We will begin our time with an introduction to the current moon phase, the astrological associations, and the energy of the current moon. If you’ve been coming to our Mindful Moon Flow Classes maybe you’ve been working on an intention. If you haven’t not a problem at all. We take time through guided meditation and time for quiet to focus on what it’s time to move beyond, releasing our energy through fire by dropping what needs to be left behind written on a slip of paper, into the flames. We have time to discuss or to reflect while listening (nobody is required to speak if they wish to reflect quietly). We take time to cleanse using sage and palo santo to move from what was into what will be.

A specific release of energy will be created as a group—this changes with astrological sign, but the February Full moon, more specifically, the 16th when we will gather for the full moon, is a Cancer moon. When the moon is in Cancer people become very sensitive and go deep into their inner world, which becomes more important than the outer. It’s better not to rush with decisions, spend time in comfort.

The full moon in February falls on the 19th and the moon will be in Virgo on this day. When the moon is in Virgo, people become rational and practical. Small details may appear more important than they are in reality, which may lead to arguments over seemingly insignificant things, we become more disciplined and responsible, diligent and careful, but only on small details. For big, important, risky decisions there’s not enough intuition and ability to foresee future consequences. It’s a good time to do routine work which require precision, concentration on detail, and hard work.

To acknowledge the moon in Cancer during our meeting and to prepare for the full moon on the 19th in Virgo, we will do a group meditation and release for Cancer, and plan how to do the same (you’ll be sent with some options, journal prompts, and information about the moon in Virgo) for the day of the Full moon.

The food and drinks will be chosen with the moon and our needs at this time. Including (I’m SO excited) a sneak peak and taste of the new tea I’ve been working on for Lotus Jo’s Apothecary LLC (CBD + Non-CBD options available). From crystals to tea, this will be a full evening of preparation for the full moon and addressing the current moon as it’s almost full.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal, crystals, cards, or anything else you have that you love for these types of energy circles. If you’ve never been, just come comfortable and with an open mind. The time is set from 7:30-10, but we will be done with anything group related well before 10, so if you are ready to go at that point you may and if you want to stay, drink tea, and be in community, we welcome you to do that as well. We will also be venturing outside for maybe a half hour tops unless the weather is completely inhospitable to be around a fire at our time of release—be sure to have warm duds or something to wrap up in!


March—Full Worm Moon Circle


March 16th// 7:30pm // $30

Details to come!