Heart Medicine Journey


About Jessica + Ben

Jessica Roodvoets

Jessica is a yoga and tantra teacher who specializes in feminine spirituality, sexuality, and embodiment. Based part-time in India, her teachings are inspired by her travels and continued studies in Tantra, sacred dance, and feminine lineages of yoga. Inspired by her studies of mystical femininity, Jessica's teachings are deep, poetic, provocative, and soulful. For more information on retreats, tours, and trainings, go to: www.jessica-roodvoets.com


Friday, July 19th // 7:00-9:00pm // $35

In our society, the mind is the central focus in our lives and all our activities. This creates a disconnection between our minds and hearts that needs to be bridged if we want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

We all have our own reasons to close and guard around our hearts. But these fear-built walls keep us from being real, from fully awakening into our hearts and our bodies, and from experiencing the true connection we long for. Deep down, all we want is to be able to connect with people with deeper intimacy while being wholly ourselves. All we truly want is to recover our natural spontaneity and the deeper life that flows through us when we live freely from the heart.

Through this experiential journey of Tantric meditation, movement, kirtan, cacao, and live music, you will be brought into deeper intimacy with the power of your own heart’s journey. Together, as we journey through self-awareness, vulnerability, empathy, and creative expression, we’ll explore how to honor the dignity of our hearts without closing out our natural joy, core aliveness, and availability to love.



Ben is a yoga teacher, plant medicine facilitator, and transformational coach who specializes in healing mind-patterns that perpetuate separation, isolation, and limitation. Ben works skillfully with pranayama, visualization, mantra, music, and the incorporation of wisdom teachings to create a container that is supportive, challenging, compassionate, and deeply transformational.