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“By the group are we sickened, by the group are we healed”—a phrase Lisa Jo Northouse, founder of Lotus Jo’s Yoga heard her father say often while growing up. In pursuit of what this meant, Lisa found through her work in long-term care, banking, and higher education, that it manifested in communities. The overall climate or health and well-being of a community was ultimately a result of what the group bought into. Realizing the extreme impact of small changes an individual could make within a community and noticing the ripple effect as it went out into the community, the overarching goal became to create a vibrant community in which the members were empowered and in-turn, empowered those around them. Creating a strong sense of self, purpose, and finding identity with a community was the best way to heal and be healed by one’s environment.

Lotus Jo’s Yoga Studio is a tiny piece of the puzzle. Our overall mission is to start with just one breath and to watch that one breath in one person turn into transformation. Someday that one breath, those collective breaths, could just change the world.

Our Studio is a potted plant garden oasis of yoga, tea, and good community. We offer a variety of yoga classes for all level of yogis and even for little yogis. Our belief is that yoga should be accessible for all people AND affordable.

This is a place to explore your yoga practice. No matter what your experience with yoga is (or if you have zero experience) we welcome you and have a class for you and your lifestyle.  



I, Lisa Jo, warmly invite you to our community to begin a journey of change by taking just one breath. You can find us at the address below, or we can come to you. Don’t be a stranger, I can’t wait to meet you.

6167 28th Street SE Suite 13, Grand Rapids Michigan, 49546 (616) 288 - 6164 (studio) (616) 293-8492 (Lisa Jo personal line, call or text)

Who are we not to shine?
— Nelson Mandela