Let me mullet it over.

I went to my hair stylist last week to basically get a game plan together for my hair. Color, length, etc. I'm not sure where I am taking my pixie but I needed a plan to get there. Anyhow, we talked the basics of growing out the pixie and she had me up until she said "...and obviously we will just keep taking up the back until the front catches up."

Hold the phone. You want to cut my mullet? Don't worry, you can exhale, as you can see from my cover photo for this post the mullet is alive and well. But I truly wish I could have captured her face when I replied, "yeah, I get that, but I am not going to cut the back."

Cut off my party? Get real. And that's when I started to think about having a mullet. I was going to have a mullet. I actually, already have a mullet--it fits in a ponytail. 

I would most likely never cut my hair into a mullet, but I feel totally fine letting my hair grow out into a mullet. From an outsider perspective it's the same difference. But for me it is totally different and I can confidently let my mullet be because I know where it's going. It's going into a ponytail the second the business and the party can come together in one ponytail holder.

Right now, my life is a mullet. It's not quite where I want it to be, but I have a long-term goal and I am getting there. As a note--I am very happy with my life and when I say it isn't where I want it to be it is because I am still in the beginning stages of so many things. So, I guess I AM right where I want to be. I am happily content with my mullet life because my mullet IS growing. I take it back. But I won't delete it. I'm right where I want to be.

I've mentioned before that as my day job I am a professor. I have been teaching for the last 6 years as a professor of communication at various places in Michigan. For 5 of those years I was at and still am at, my Alma Mater, Aquinas College. For the last 2 of those years I had a special contract where I was part-time instead of adjunct and that was amazing because I made more money and still had a lot of flexibility in my schedule. On Friday, after teaching 3 courses back-to-back and feeling really warm and fuzzy because I had multiple former students come visit with me to catch up, I got a phone call that my contract would not be possible this coming Fall. It's not because I did something wrong, or they found someone else, they just don't have the classes to create my contract again. So much ouch.

I still have the opportunity to teach one course but as an adjunct and that means I will make about half of what I make for teaching a course right now. I grew my career out and then it got cut into a mullet. I don't think people go backwards very often intentionally. But then sometimes there you are, scissors poised over your luscious locks, and snip snip. I always knew this could happen since my contract was annual and I could have it back someday. But on Friday I cried all the way home (it took me 4 minutes to get home from where I was when I got the call, so like, it wasn't that bad) and then I called my husband and he just didn't really think it was a big deal. From the outside, he still sees that my career is growing, even if I have a setback this fall.

Saturday morning I walked into my little yoga studio in the gym in the strip mall on the busy street and 10 yogis were ready for me to teach them yoga. Ten. I posted on January 10th about how I started teaching yoga again after having my son but how zero people were interested in my comeback and my first day of class that was scheduled was cancelled. Well, that was 2 weeks ago and on Thursday, 8 people came to my class and yesterday, 10 people came to my class. I am sure that I will cancel class again because people can't come, but you guys, my mullet is growing.

I'm not totally sure where I'm going with my hair or my career or my life. Isn't that fun? I have faith because my husband has faith, that I will be ok. I have been flung through the air by circumstance and my own doing enough times to know that it will be ok as evidenced by the fact that I am still alive. It's not over until it's over.

If you see me walking around town with my mullet blowing in the breeze, just know the confidence I exude has nothing to do with my mullet. I am flying through space right now, but while I am up here, there are just so many options for me to land on that I can't help but be just a little excited.

"They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds."  -Dinos Christianopoulos 

Just keep growing, mullets, just keep growing.


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