When it starts to get real.

It happened. It got real. I received my first order of "studio equipment". My "studio" is a room in a gym. But there it is. Jade Studio gear.


Let's back up. I'm a daydreamer. I also have my best nightmares during the day as well. But I love to imagine what it would be like to do so many things. Like be a spy, or have ninja powers, or be famous. What would it be like to live on a farm and live simply, or be a really talented singer (people would pay me to be quiet at my current skill level).

One dream has always been to be a business owner. I've dreamed of retail shops, coffee shops, bridal boutiques, bookstores, and combinations of all of those (multi-purpose is apparently my biggest dream). Last summer, while incredibly pregnant, my husband and I almost bought a studio space for a yoga studio. I saw the building, loved the location, and pitched my husband the idea. He's the more practical one so I thought it would be fun to talk about but that would be it. A fun daydream we could share. But he didn't stop me at the dream stage. I ended meeting with the Small Business Development Center (they are INCREDIBLE), a commercial realtor, and a commercial lender. With a ton of help I created a business plan and it looked like it would actually work. We were in the process of going through the funding aspect of things and a cash offer swooped in.

Dream crushed.

But then the cash offer fell through (because that's a thing?). Anyhow. Our realtor called us and said we had a second shot. But my due date was quickly approaching and we decided not to jump for it.

Dream actually crushed.

So, how do I have Jade Studio Gear? I had already become a studio in my mind and so I am treating my yoga venture as a business in the sense that it is fully functional and real. Because it is. But it didn't feel real until 2 lovely boxes showed up on my doorstep with 12 cork blocks and 6 studio mats. 

I was looking up different ways to create a yoga shala the other day--shala being the Sanskrit term for "home" or "abode" and is the home of yoga. I wanted some kind of Feng Shui-like guide to show me how to create a beautiful space that would somehow feel like yoga. I came across this studio in California and they have a blog (bloggers unite!) and the author mentions something beautiful. 

"I have created the space, painted the walls and given you the cubbies for your things. But you create the shala. This space is no different from your living room or a gym. There is no altar, picture of someone holy, this place has not been blessed by someone or prayed over, no magic incantations that block out the stress that we live with. You create that shala by your actions, by your conscious effort to leave the rest of your day outside." Jesselle Peña, June 29, 2016 on the Yoga Shine, Nipomo Blog

Dream not crushed.

I can create a shala anywhere, it just needs to be intentional. 

In the last two weeks since I have been back teaching 2 classes a week, I have created a space where myself and 9 other yogis have come together and created a shala in a room in a gym in a strip mall on a busy street. 

I cannot wait for more people to come to my shala--not because it is aesthetically beautiful, but because what we create there is worth showing up for.

Special shout out to Jade Yoga and Jennifer Tessicini for making my dreams come true.

I've been practicing on a Jade mat for years now and I LOVE it. So, it seemed only natural to seek out blocks for my students from the place where my mat is from. In the process I met a wonderful rep for Jade and she helped me with the process of becoming a wholesaler and also getting equipment for my studio space from the Jade Studio Program. Now my students can rent and try out my favorite mats before they choose to buy them and use Jade blocks to help deepen their practice. Or, today they used them as a weight for abs in high boat! 

Jade is an incredible company. They create eco friendly mats and products and plant a tree for every mat sold. They also are involved in donating to a ton of causes that help people all over the world. If you haven't heard of Jade Yoga, I'd encourage you to check them out. Or just come to my next yoga class and use one of my brand new Jade studio mats.

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